Public Pickups

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Public Pickups is nasty reality fun! These guys have been breed by the mighty and entertaining Mofos Network. They have been fed, structured, and designed to make sure that they offer you the kind of amateur action you have to say yes to. The theme is simple and horny, where Czech gals are approached in the streets and picked up. The gals are offered sweet money deals that they cannot pass up. They accept and the hardcore sex begins. The site prides itself as being very High Quality, HD movies with incredible sexy amateur models. Just so that you really appreciate these guys, they throw in the Mofos Network as a big bonus with membership to this site.

The collection that they have is original material. That is good since it means lots of entertaining stuff. The hardcore sex happens when the models are simply plucked off the streets. There is no public place that these guys will not go when hunting for the gals. The gals are easy to convince once they see Euros flashed in their faces, they go to the apartments where they are seriously sexed up! You will find blowjobs, anal, pussy penetration, and other amateur hardcore genres inside this site.

Exclusive amateur material doesn’t always mean that the quality of the movies is shady. In the Public Pickups discount case, you will have HD material 1080p HD with babes looking amazing and seductive. The collection of videos they have is usually 35 minutes long. You have streaming flv files; downloadable windows media and mp4 file formats. Clips and full feature files are available. They offer different viewing settings, 5 options. Information on things like date uploaded, tags, model info/bios, size of files, are available. The 8 sites inside the bonus network you receive cover an impressive genre collection with most having hardcore themes that leave you with rock-hard erections. The filming standard for the bonus material is also very high.

The issue of the small content count that they have is counteracted by the fact that they offer you bonus material to keep you busy. Also, they are updating so their galleries are going to get bigger. We also found out that these guys offer you no pictures, since they solely concentrate on video production. Sad news, but then again this isn’t a real deal breaker!

Public Pickups is a great reality site. It offers you European models willing to get mounted and penetrated hardcore just so that they can get some extra cash. The solid tools they offer makes the navigation process smooth, less challenging. The quality of film is superb, and you have more material inside the bonus network. For us, we say a solid yes to joining this site, check them out!

TS Playground

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TS Playground has a pack of trannies that you will find very entertaining, sexy, and wild. This is of course if you are into the shemale niche of hardcore porn. The site is associated with Jay Sin, one of the producers who is in charge of making material for Evil Angel. We tell you this so that you know you are dealing with someone who knows how to make excellent porn material. You will find that this site does solo/hardcore material and presents everything in one smooth stroke. It seems like they are also in charge of making their own material. This means great scenes that look fresh and original.

The high caliber of movies they have is full of cheeky shemales who love showing off all their lewd assets. The quality of the videos that we saw (i.e. the best videos) was in HD formats. The 1080p resolution action had our hearts racing and tingling feelings could be felt all over the body way down to our nether regions! You shall not be disappointed. The material comes from one production company so there is a certain style of filming that you are going to see. One big thing is that with membership to this shemale site, you are also getting network access.
The 22 sites they throw in are made and maintained by the same porn production house. There are different genres that they focus on, including more tranny action. What this brings you is more variety, quality, models, and niches. It really is one of the biggest bonus offerings we have come across when it comes to pornography. The shemale site we are preoccupied with today has over 100 models, over 100 movies, with flv, mp4, and windows media file formats available.

They have an updating schedule that dishes out more shemale hardcore fun weekly, with 2 updates coming in the past week. You will find that the tranny niche is gaining in popularity and these guys do have lots of exclusive material to offer you. Apart from that, the fast connections and simple navigation experience you will have inside will help to convince you that you are dealing with professionals.

The biggest thing we need to see them improve on is more material inside their galleries. They recognize that they have something special with the sexy shemales that they show, but luckily for you, they don’t charge you a small fortune to join them. What you have with the TS Playground promo code offer is solid performances, extraordinary sizzling shemales, and simple design layout. They are growing every week, and the bonus inclusion is something that will put a smile on your face. If you want shemale porn niche and all its nasty goodness, this is one place we recommend you go to!

Amateur Allure

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If you search online you can find so many porn sites focusing on different niches. Some focus on big boobs, some focus on big dicks and you will get hundreds of other popular niches. Today I’m reviewing a site which is focused on a totally out of the box niche. Name of the site is Amateur Allure and it primarily focuses on blowjob niche. Well, blowjob is one of my favorite where girls suck dicks and shakes it with hands in some cases until cum juice comes out and then they even swallows it too. Yes it’s nasty but it adds so much fun too. If you want to know more then you have to continue reading.

Amateur Allure was launched in February 1999 by the guys at Allure Cash. It’s a pay site and you will have to pay a very little amount for the membership. It is a site where sexy chicks come to swallow the white cum juice. Right now you will get more than 300 models doing the blowjob thing in the contents. The site adds at least one fresh photo gallery and video every week as update but you will not get any update log anywhere.

Our Amateur Allure discount access offers more than 618 videos and each one of them can be streamed in an embedded flash player for approximately 10 minutes. Members can download them in MOV and WMV formats. In the videos you will get hardcore, solo and lesbian categories so no matter what you like you can wish to find it here. Recent videos are all available in HD but older videos may not be that high in quality. Design of the site is good and you can find your desired contents by using advanced search tools. Well, some users complain that the site should improve its navigation.

If you love photos then you can enjoy over 618 galleries here. Each one of them contains average 90 photos. Members can easily download them in zip files. You will get a model index that includes all the models. One thing I should remind you is that this site has a daily download limit of 25 GB per day. This is why you can’t even use any download as it won’t work. All the contents are dated so you can easily find out how old or fresh any specific one is. The price may be a bit high but this site is worth it.


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Most of the people know that there are some porn sites online where you can find photos and even videos of naked girls getting fucked by some handsome guys. The truth is far beyond than this as there are a lot of porn networks and pay sites online where people pay money to get a lot of quality porn contents on a regular basis. In this review you will know about such a porn network where people pay happily for the membership and even admires their high quality contents. It’s the Mofos Network and I guess you already heard about it or even watched any of its reality type videos. If you want to get tons of high quality spicy videos and photos in an affordable price then you can consider this network.

Mofos Network was launched in November 2008 by the guys at Cash. Like others this network also includes a group of sites. This network includes 8 reality type porn sites that feature contents of young adults and popular porn stars. Members of this network have to pay one low price for the membership and they can enjoy access to all the sites and their contents in the network. Right now there are more than 1205 gorgeous models performed in the contents of this network as bonus. Across different sites you will get at least one fresh photoset or video added as update every week. So, there is always something fresh to check out here.

If you don’t sign up here you can watch some sample video clips only but for the members this network has more than 1762 movies right now in its collection. All of them can be streamed in an embedded flash player for approximately 20 minutes. Members can download them in multiple formats. Formats are Mp4, M4V and WMV. All the videos are exclusive and original featuring a lot of American and European girls. You will get videos from most of the popular porn categories such as teens, milfs, voyeur, anal, interracial, gangbangs along with toys and lesbians.

People who love photos can enjoy over 1762 galleries while each one of them contains 200 photos. Members can download them easily in zip files. All the contents are dated so you can easily find out how old or fresh any specific one is. Members of the Mofos discount network can enjoy unlimited download facility too. What else do you want in a porn network?

Reality Kings

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reality-kings-discountInaccurate, that’s all I have to say against most movies nowadays. They say a movie is about an awkward child trying to make a better version of himself, which in the end he finds himself married with the school campus’s sweetheart and a marvelously paying job. That’s not how reality works. In real life if you’re awkward, that’s how you always will always be, sweating your palms and walking that strangely permanent gait. It’s a sad thing, I know, but it’s better to have the truth. The same thing goes for pornography; all the videos should give the actual expression over the artificial one. Missionaries are not as fake as they seem in the porno setting. And that’s why there’s Reality Kings to overthrow all the nonsense crap in the adult industry.

A Quick Introduction

If the Dark Knight Batman has the Green Arrow as an analog, BangBros (formerly BangBus) has the Reality Kings. Although not entirely the same with the methods applied, both these sites are similar in a way that their videos are spontaneous more than they are staged. Basically, a studio’s stud will approach a girl along the street, in the mall, at the beach or pretty much anywhere there are smokin’ hot women. They almost never fail to pick up girls, which pretty much sums up how women are so submissive. I guess you can’t blame too for being attractive with those guido muscles and packed abs. Even guys long for them. Point: All the videos are taken spontaneously. Period.

Unboxing the Package

If you’ve been watching the videos of Simple Pickup, RK would come off to be like the uncensored version of it. You will love how the whole playing hard to get part is all the way to the finally closing the deal phase. The interaction is worth the time and the closing ceremony would be the cumming of the guy to that surprisingly big feminine mouth. There are over 2,300 videos to play with an average of 15 minutes per video. They use sophisticated DSLR cameras and sometimes GoPros for that perfect POV. Overall, it’s a wonderful experience to have RK. Without a Reality Kings discount subscription, it would normally cost you $39.95 a month.

Nevertheless, they are running a promo now cutting the price to $7.95 monthly. With the download privileges, the fast streaming speed, and the magically spontaneous and realistic shots, you’d long for more all the time.

Playboy TV

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Gone are the days when a boy would have to sneak into his father’s room just to get a quick peek at those cleavages and busty asses of the hottest models of the metro. You know what Barney Stinson would say, something new is always something better. You don’t necessarily have to forget the past because it will always ever be a wonderful memory. Though you can relive what’s before without exacting the way it was. Anyway, to this end, Playboy has transcended into the virtual world in a much more elaborate and lovely way. We can see that happening through the contents of Playboy TV.

Your New Interactive Men’s Mag

Everyone who has ever read through and seen through Playboy magazines have and will always be a fan of the art. The studios are always keen in producing nothing but the finest images and making their models extra beautiful through natural aesthetics and natural effects. If there’s one thing the magazine is, it’s indomitable. With the passage of time, it ages to perfection, growing more glorious by the day, more mature by the year, and definitely more satisfactory with every visit into a new issue. Now, you can go beyond the original scope of the famous mag in a totally uncensored way. That is through the new PBTV.

Opening the Pages

As a non-member, visiting the site will give you fairly limited access. However, it gives you enough to surmise what exactly you are to expect from the insides only to find out that your expectations way too less than what it actually offers. Playboy TV adds up all of its produced media from then and on. You can check out all of the mag issues from day to present. You can see the behind scenes footage of their all new uncensored videos, which are sex videos, making it actually the new definition of porn. So far, there are over 3,000 videos collectively gathered into the main portal. If you can’t stream just yet, at least download the video of your liking since a subscription means full download privileges. Also, feel free to dive deep into the photo galleries to get an actual feel of how the hard copies are like or to be reminded of how things used to be. Reminiscent and lovely.

The Playboy TV discount is royalty. They don’t start from scratch. They pick up where their expertise have brought them and you can’t expect anything less than magnificent. For $24.95 a month, you will have all the membership access you need. Enjoy!


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The world is in an economic turmoil and it has been since long ago. Regardless, we all have needs and as men, we need our porn. Considering the circumstances, we men want porn that’s cheap but with real depth.

What’s up, fellas? Today I’m going to give you a quick review about the budget option for porn that does not compromise the level of experience that you have always sought for or have gotten used to. It is called none other than CumLouder.

We all love shows that portray situational mishaps and whatnot. That is the very reason we all love situational comedies, adding to the fact that they are something relatable. The point being is that C Louder is one of those porn sites where you will get to enjoy the beauty of pickup. The videos usually start off with a woman by the street looking dejected and in bad spirits. Then our hero comes into the picture, tries to pacify the woman and invites her to get inside the car for a quick trip. The day end’s with both of them screwing up and without any real conclusion as to what comes thereafter, the cumming on the face scene is usually the last bit to see. Simply put, it’s a truthful portrayal of how porn videos, unintended, come into being.

CumLouder is famous for its Latina videos section, especially the Latinas in public. You might also enjoy the Spoof Porn section, where they usually show behind the scenes footages and failed attempts to blowjobs, missionary sessions and whatnot. Whats beautiful is that you can get to know the stars backstage and see how bubbly, upbeat and interesting their personalities tend to be. There are 998 videos so far, half of which can be played in HD mode. You can download unlimited times every day and most importantly, the subscription fee is only $29.95 a month, making it affordable and a total candy in a big box.

With its cheap subscription fee that does not deny the essence of high quality videos and portrayals, I’m pretty sure it’s one of the greatest deals so far. Furthermore, the CumLouder discount is a serious offer and work of art for all the prurient audiences out there. Enjoy!

DDF Network

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ddf-network-discountTits. Honestly speaking, all guys love tits and any guy whoever denies it is a friggin’ liar. Even homosexuals love tits, because for as long as you will have that tube hanging on in the middle of your pelvis, there’s always something to move and arouse. So if you’re simply all about the tits and the wild porn action during the dark of the night, trying something new and seemingly extraordinary should be the best route to take. Meeting that end would be possible through the contents of DDF Network.

Look, there’s just too much skepticism going on and I won’t be able to blame you for that. I’m pretty sure one of the reasons your here is to verify the truth behind the hype. Truth is, the DDFN is definitely as trite as it sounds. However, it is not because of its immature followers, but the substance it bears that really draws more mature gents into it. The casting of the models is professionally done, I would say. The videos are smooth with all the stories and how they are balance with enough lecherous rather than exceeding the palatability scale of every seeker out there.

A great thing to note about this network is that it is actually a network more than just a porn site. It lives by its name. It’s massive and it doesn’t disappoint if you’re one of those hoarders of the night watch. To that end, you can expect nothing less than 11,800 full movies coming from its several truly promising affiliates. Some of the powerhouse models you will be seeing here will be Brandy Love, Alexis Texas, Caprice, Maria Ozawa (well, she’s just about at any porn site), and so much more.

More Selling Points

We all love to capture those precious moments, but it’s a different story when it comes to this ever-big thing in the adult industry. DDFN exhibits over 12,000 photo galleries. You can’t deny that. Plus, all the videos are either high quality or HD. Basically, it’s the win-win kind of thing you’ve been looking forward to.

The DDF Network discount is excellent. It’s got the figures as much as it’s got the models. Overall, for a price of $44.99, not one cent is put to squander. Enjoy!